May you have Long Days and Pleasant Nights

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The Stained Tower

Another stained glass project. I like working in this medium because the lines are inherently simplified and bold. Plus, I HAVE to work with colors, which I avoid as much as possible >__>

Anyways, this is based on Stephen King’s Dark Tower. I just loved the imagery of that entire series! But the field of roses translated to stained glass immediately in my mind.

It’s also pretty cool that the stained glass looks so bright and promising during the day, but cold and dreadful without the backlighting. Perfect for the subject matter, no?

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reasons why halloween is the best holiday:

  1. you are not obliged to visit your relatives
  2. you are not obliged to get gifts for anyone
  3. people will give you candy for absolutely no reason other than halloween
  4. its the only day when its socially acceptable to go out in public dressed like a penguin

5. no one will look at you funny when you buy eighteen boxes of candy even though you fully intend to sit in the dark and eat them alone.

6. discount candy

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